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To become the leading and most preferred provider of unbiased, well researched strategic business events.


  • We strive to provide well researched and up to date events which will benefit all participants.
  • We nurture relationships with our clients.
  • We strive to provide quality and indispensable services as demanded by our clients.

Who we are?

Welcome – to the future of your organisation. We at Vukani Communications have a dedicated team of media and communications consultants who have garnered vast experience in the communications industry.

Our communications experts know how to research and to investigate; and – having had distinctive careers in journalism and other media fields – they have the unparalleled advantage of staying abreast with current trends in the world we live today. Therefore, having made friends and accumulated a lot of experience working with people in their many and varied organisations, we began to think of what more organisations could do to get the best out of their employees and indeed out of the businesses themselves, so they could reach their maximum potential. Let us face it; every business faces competition; and in this progressive competition, everyone out there is looking for that extra mileage that would give his enterprise an advantage over the rest.

That is where Vukani Communications come in. Our consultancy company specialises in creating synergies between you and all the important people and organisations that your business needs to grow; and we do this by bringing all these in one place. You do not have to do anything. We will do all the research for you and identify all the potential ways that your business can adopt for it to really take off. After gathering the necessary information and experts with innovative ideas, we will present these to you in a friendly environment where you will get an opportunity to also meet gurus in your industry in both a formal and informal setting.

It is our promise here at Vukani Communications that we will link you with the top brains in your field of operation and their expertise will leave your business on an upward trajectory. We will bring you into the same room with leading experts in your line of business and their job will be solely to bring you up to date with the latest trends in your industry and help you craft ways in which you can take your business into the future in this world of cutthroat competition and ever-revolving technological advancement.

We have a passion to take part in our society taking a turn for the better – whether it is making sure our infrastructure is in excellent condition, or finding ways to secure food for the needy in drought years; or even making sure that the workplace is safe for every worker out there – Vukani Communications will go to the deepest depths to research on these matters and finding the right people to make presentations that would help take our organisations – and ultimately our country – forward. Right now, you are in the right place; take a tour around our website and see for yourself the works we have done before and the events we have lined up in the coming months. If you have queries or want to book yourself for any event, please feel free to contact us on the numbers and email provided in the contacts page.

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