Drones Conference 2018

It is Drones Conference time again, and the 2018 edition of the event will be off the hook. From exploring the commercial successes of drones as a business on the African continent, studying the acquired artificial intelligence of new drones which can take high quality pictures, videos and also be able to – for instance – spot dangers like sharks along busy beaches as well as people stranded in the water; How easy would your life as a lifeguard be along a resort beach if you had aerial support from drones that can do surveillance duties, look for people in distress, drop off emergency supplies like inflatable lifesavers, anchors, whistles and electromagnetic shark repellent devices? The deep-learning calibre of new drones has made them an integral part in heavy industry and other spheres of like which include search and rescue; health delivery and security.

Drones are also being tested to fly underground in mine shafts; a development which would improve mining safety and whose implementation would save a lot of lives in the mining and related work stations. Besides the usual popular cast of speakers, we have secured presenters from Datumate in Israel, who have vast experience in the use of drones for photogrammetry and in heavy industry. Our delegates deserve more; and we will have more for them again in 2018 – scheduled for the 28th and 29th of June 2018 at the Emperors Palace Convention Centre in Johannesburg, the Drones Conference 2018 will also run a workshop for mining and survey engineers, as well as security professionals.

All the smart technologies for drones and their contribution to the current wave of Industry 4.0 and smart factories will be discussed; and the scope of live demonstrations will be expanded.


Keynote Speakers

Event Speakers

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