Waste Management and Recycling Technologies Conference

The continued rise in the global population is definitely putting a strain on various efforts by governments, environmentalists and various players in the waste and recycling industry. This has further been exacerbated by the ravaging pandemic that has made it difficult to undertake waste management and recycling solutions.

Despite the various restrictions imposed by governments on waste during this pandemic, landfills and oceans have been at the receiving end with very depressing effects on nature and the population’s health. As such, waste management and recycling continues to be a priority amongst various governments as they continue to search for ways to reduce these.

As for South Africa, the country is getting close to drowning in its own waste. Only 10% of 108 million tonnes of trash generated every year enter recycling plants, and most of the country’s 826 landfill sites are nearing critical capacity. South Africans generate 108 million tonnes of waste per annum, equating to about R25.2bn worth of waste dumped with 90% disposed to landfill sites. The waste management industry therefore need to embrace innovation and technology which is currently driving change across all sectors globally in order to address these issues.

Various technologies are being developed to deal with challenges that come with waste management and recycling. These technologies, such as computer technologies being used in generating solutions to reduce the waste and sort it while composting are contributing positively to the efforts by countries to dealing with waste management and recycling issues.

This is what this conference will aim to bring to the delegates. Discussions based on technologies that can be adopted to deal with the mounting waste problems will be tackled at length. This is a must attend conference to all those who need to know more about trending technologies in the waste management and recycling industry.