Venture Capital & Disruptive Technologies in Insurance Conference

The Venture Capital and Disruptive Technologies in Insurance Conference returns for its second annual show at the Emperors Palace Convention Centre in Johannesburg, and this time, focus will be on the impact of disruptive start-up technology on the global insurance economy. The proliferation of various disruptive technologies on the world stage – within and without the insurance industry – has impacted the way in which insurers do their work. For instance, telematics technology in the transport industry, and wearable health devices and apps have improved road safety and health; which in turn has lowered claims and money spent on insurance premiums.

In this vein, the conference will look at how the technology boom will affect the world economy; as well as how bankable these technologies are for venture capitalists. As venture capital strategies and structures continue to evolve (through the advent of numerous seed funds, crowdfunding, secondary markets), the conference will seek to explore what leading capitalists expect when considering to invest in disruptive technologies. For instance; what differentiates one technology from the pack (could be industry-focus, geography, governance philosophy, partnership structure)? What looming regulatory or legal considerations are on the horizon?

The two-day event will be held on 4 & 5 April 2019 with a mission to unbundle the world of disruptive technologies to insurance companies and showcase how its growth will affect the insurance industry, as well as connect them with partners, investors, and other organizations to accelerate business growth. It will bring together some of the region’s best and brightest business minds to network, share business best practices, learn from the success of others and hear about some of the industries and technologies that are driving investment and innovation, especially in the insurance industry.