Transport Telematics & Vehicle Security Conference

We are back again with the 5th Annual Transport Telematics & Vehicle Security Conference to be held on 22 August 2019. This year’s edition promises to bring under one roof experts in the transport telematics to discuss how best telematics innovations are can be developed and adopted to ensure maximum road and vehicle safety.

There is no doubt that transport is very essential to both the economy and society. The economy depends on transport and without it, the economy would grind to a halt. However, many facets of transport safety are hindering the moving forward in the transport industry. There is need for unrelenting focus on safety. Issues such as car and truck hijackings continue to be a scourge on South African roads and this trend has logistics companies, fleet management companies and individuals continuously looking for ways to improve the safety of their fleet and vehicles on the road.

Telematics provides one of the most viable options to road safety. The scope of telematics encompasses vehicle tracking, monitoring the location, movements, status behaviour of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles, trailer tracking, automatic driving assistance systems. Newly telematics innovations such as video monitoring are also changing the game in which the fleet can be safely managed. There is no doubt that telematics applications have become integral in equipping fleet managers with driver performance data essential for rectifying driver behaviour that is deemed costly to fuel usage and potential collisions. Telematics can also help reduce the environmental impact of vehicles, with better driving resulting in reduced fuel consumption.

The instalment of the modern ways of fleet management by freight, logistics and individual car owners has not only ensured the safety and security of their vehicles, but also fuel management, insurance bill and improvement in driver behaviour thereby contributing to road safety. Telematics is therefore contributing positively to fuel management, stolen vehicle recovery, accident investigation, road safety and driver behaviour amongst other benefits.

This conference aims to explore the widespread telematics use in South African transport industry, its benefits, and to find more ways in which to make the roads safer for truckers and motorists. Experts will also give in-depth analysis in which car jackers have upped their game and how best to counter this. This is a must attend conference to all those who are involved in fleet management, logistics and those in transport companies.