Laser Technology Conference

INNOVATIONS in technology are well known for setting changes and adding value to market structures. This is no exception to laser technology sector. The field of laser technology is in a constant state of further development with possible applications of lasers, such as in industrial manufacturing processes and tools for material processing through welding, cutting or engraving gaining momentum. There is no doubt that Laser innovations are set to open up revolutionary new technologies for medicine, communications, manufacturing, product development and more industries in South Africa.

Many innovations are exploring advance manufacturing technologies, leveraging on the strong global growth of the laser technology sector. The adoption of laser technology as a manufacturing technology is also currently gaining momentum.

Despite several innovative projects in the laser industry, market penetration, skills and capacity development still remain problematic. Various challenges such as lack of local content and proliferation of imports, limited collaboration between sectors, limited manufacturing capabilities in form of infrastructure and expertise still hinder the growth and adoption of the technology.

Topics to be discussed include; most recent innovations, trends, industry collaborations, concerns, standardisation, conversion and testing, regulations, skills and capacity development, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the fields of laser technology amongst other topics. This conference therefore seeks to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, engineers and research scholars amongst other audiences to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of laser technology. The conference will also discuss the current trends in the field of laser technology. Moreover, delegates will be informed about applications and technologies that are here to stay and the opportunities that will arise from these developments. The conference will also provide a platform for discussion and networking as well as to share new ideas, advancements and research related to the application of laser technology in various fields and industries and its related topics.

This is must attend eventfor those who would like to gain the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and understanding of the latest scientific advancements on laser technology and their applications.