Generators & Standby Power Conference

There is no doubt that the uptake of generators and standby power is increasing as companies aim to address the interrupted grid energy supply. This is despite the generator industry facing various challenges owing to the struggling south African economy. The increase in this uptake can be attributed to poor maintenance of ageing substations, unstable transformers, cable theft and overloading on the national power grid amongst other reasons.

With the construction and mining sectors being the biggest spenders on generators and standby power, scaling back on equipment and big projects spending has been noted in these sectors. This has impacted negatively on the output from these sectors.

Traditional standard generators remain a standard solution for most companies in the country although other alternative sources of energy are being explored. Various innovations in the generators and standby power are gaining momentum with the aim to address the issues of power supply.

While the generators and standby power alternatives are coming in handy in the country, issues such as health and safety, compliance, installation regulations, maintenance are still hot issues that require continuous discussions.

It is against this background that this conference has been organised. Various issues affecting the generators and standby power subject will be discussed. Topics willinclude, technological developments in generators as backup energy suppliers, importing of generators, risk factors in generators and standby power and mitigation plans amongst other topics. This is a must attend event to all those interested in the alternative standby power.