Financial Technologies Conference

Over the years, constant and consistent technological innovations have revolutionised the Financial Services sector globally. FinTech is described as the use of software to offer financial services. In this regard, these services are not only restricted to mobile phones but as well go as far as currency exchange as well as mobile wallets.

This innovation has a key focus on “disruption”. Due to the fact that there offer similar services to banks shows how far they have gone in embracing technology and have changed the game. It is however interesting to note that banks (Globally) have also stepped up in their quest to remain relevant as their actions are crucial because it determines their relevance.

Collaboration among the Financial Services units has been a key theme over the years as there is an intrinsic need for the two to work hand in hand. This Summit seeks to unpack the South African/African Fintech ecosystem, funding, growth opportunities. Global best practices for FinTech’s, impact of Bitcoin, Block Chain and Cyber Security, employment creation and next generation Banking are other aspects that will be covered in this summit.