The Drones Expo and Conference

The Drones Expo and Conference is coming to Botswana! Vukani communications – producers of the most popular drone and UAV show in South Africa – will bring the show closer to your doorstep in Gaborone, Botswana.

The world over, drones have found wings in mining, where they have proved very useful in accurately uantifying mine stockpile volumes using aerial volumetric 3D mapping, thus reducing the risk of mining personnel who had to climb mile high piles with GPS devices.Drones can also be used for rescue operations, inspection of power lines and pipelines, delivering medical supplies to inaccessible regions, detection of poaching activities, reconnaissance operations, cooperative environment monitoring, border patrol, convoy protection, forest fire detection and monitoring, surveillance, coordinating humanitarian aid, plume tracking, land surveying, fire and large-accident investigation, landslide measurement, illegal landfill detection, the construction industry and crowd monitoring.

Fitted with sensors, drones can be used to monitor everything from the air; their small size and manoeuvrability allows them to collect large amounts of data quickly and cheaply from areas that are difficult to negotiate at ground level.Robust discussion will centre on how drones have provided the agricultural sector with a smart way of inspecting the health of their crop without farmers having to resort to physical means of traversing the great lengths of their farms; how municipal authorities can map out whole cities and towns from the comfort of their offices; how medicine can be delivered to remote areas that are very difficult or impossible to access via conventional transport means; how you could measure stock piles on mines without exposing physical manpower to the dangers of climbing unstable piles – among many other uses that delegates got to learn of. To be held 8th and 9th of November 2018 at the Grand Palm Hotel Casino and Convention Resort, the inaugural conference willlook at the technical aspects of drone use; there will be expert analysis of how data is gathered and processed and how it will be interpreted in the overall context of an organisation. The presentations will be accompanied by live demonstrations of drones at work.

And since the issue of drones occupying our airspace ultimately rests with regulatory authorities, there will be an in-depth presentation from the regulating authority, where delegates will learn the requirements for getting an operator’s licence and answers to their questions.