Cranes and Lifting Technologies Conference

Cranes and Lifting Technologies Conference Brochure_Development in Africa is definitely taking place given the rapid urbanisation and industrialisation within the different countries. This has continued to spark the need for high density development and improved infrastructure. Notably, this has seen the rise in the visibility of cranes and lifting equipment as construction takes center stage.

However, for the South African economy, this does not mean a surge in economic activities as manufacturers and suppliers in the industry are facing difficulty times owing to evolving technologies, markets and lack of investment within the industry. Also, the South African market is facing a slight decline in big infrastructure project spending although the current projects require crane and lifting equipment. The industry is having to face fierce competition from technological innovations, lack of investments to cheaper importations. This is despite the considerable growth noted in terms of technology and market developments.

On the other hand, cranes and lifting equipment are not to be taken lightly. This is because when not properly monitored they can pose a huge risk to everyone on site. As such, it is important to ensure that these machinery are complying with various laws and regulations, such as workplace health and safety and other standards and compliance regulations.

Equally, the industry has come under immense scrutiny given the increment in fatal incidences at the hands of these equipment. In September, 2019, a man was killed whilst 30 others were injured in Durban during transportation of a crane. In another separate incident, a crane fell short of hitting an Engen garage in Johannesburg this year again after collapsing at a construction site. Thus, calling in for the need for proper safety management and compliance to improve the safety standards of efficiency within the industry.

As crane and lifting projects continue to become more complex, crane owners and operators must understand how to maintain high levels of safety and compliance with industry regulations. This is a must attend two day conference that will provide an opportunity to meet industry experts in the construction, material handling as well as crane and lifting business and to participate in discussions related to trends and technologies within the industries. Also, attend and hear successful strategies for enhanced crane operation, improved site management, more detailed risk assessments, challenging lifts and effective equipment maintenance amongst other topics.