Copper Cable Theft Conference

There is no doubt that the high prevalence of cable theft, in particular copper theft and its consequences has become a major concern throughout the metros and towns in the country. Copper cable theft and the damage to infrastructure is costing companies, millions of rands each year in repairs, lost working hours and lost customers. Copper cable theft has of late reached an unprecedented level in the country and has continued to cost the country close to R5 billion in loss annually.

Infrastructure in industries such as communication, transport, electricity and farming amongst other sectors have been negatively affected by cable theft and many businesses in these sectors have been paralysed for days. The consistent increase over the past year, has led to various stakeholders calling for concerted efforts in combating cable theft. Various infrastructure upgrading efforts have also been hampered by cable theft hence the call for reased efforts in the fight against cable theft.

There is need for the establishment of concrete measures to deal with cable theft. This include physical, technological and also special security to try and combat this crime. It is against this background that this conference has been organised. Topics to be discussed at the conferences include, technology innovations in combating cable theft, Alternatives to copper cable use, an update on the laws regarding copper cable theft, challenges and way forward. This is a must attend to all those involved in communication networks, railway transport, traffic, electricity supply, mining and irrigation amongst other sectors.

Target Sectors

  • Telecommunications
  • Electricity supply
  • Railway industry
  • Traffic
  • Mining industries
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Department of Trade and Industry
  • Department of Energy
  • SAPS
  • Agriculture-Irrigation
  • Copper Cable manufacturers