Cashless Payments Summit 2019

We are back with our 4th Annual Cashless Payments Summit to be held on the 7th and 8th of November 2019 at Emperors Palace Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Summit will be running under the theme, ‘Cashless Payments in the disruptive era’.

Slow progress towards cashless economies may be a source of frustration for policymakers, merchants, and financial institutions, all of which stand to accrue benefits from going digital. The right strategies, incentives, infrastructure, and regulation can encourage innovation and boost public confidence in non-cash systems. Partnerships, both public and private, are very critical in marshalling expertise and creating momentum.

Also, for a digital-payments system to take root, support in the form of legal frameworks, electrical networks, and security is very necessary yet African governments and many companies and organisations, lag behind in taking actions that ensure seamless transactions, economic growth, societal development and even innovations with regards to handling and transacting in cash itself.

There is no doubt that the move to cashless payments has brought in a lot of positive outcomes. Cashless and cardless systems are said to have become much safer as they eliminate the risk of cash in transit heists, credit card cloning, and even card skimming. Moreover, the availability of digital systems, has added an extra layer of security to these cashless transactions.

The 2019 Cashless Payments Summit, will discuss among other topics, issues surrounding cashless payments and loyalty programs, digital wallets, payment apps, advancements in technology, showcase solutions for monitoring digital ecosystems, provide ways of propagating digital inclusion, look at the advent of social media networks into the digital payments space, and share best practices in digital transformation with the customer at the centre.

The Summit will deliver on the various ways that may be used to help businesses create cashless payment solutions which are secure and robust, that enhance digital transformations while providing superior customer service. This is a must attend summit for all those interested in cashless and online payment systems. Don’t miss out!