Cannabis Conference East London Edition

The Cannabis Conference continues to receive overwhelming response with the just ended Johannesburg and Cape Town editions of the conference.

There is definitely lack of education within the government, private companies, farmers and the public since the legalisation of personal use of cannabis. People continue to get arrested and this is a cause of concern for would be users, farmers and ultimately companies involved in the marketing of Cannabis products.

Further discussions, which include government, private companies, farmers and marketers and distributors in the Cannabis industry will meet again in February, 2020 in East London to continue these deliberations.

This is a must attend to those who would want to hear more on the Cannabis regulation, policies, licencing , product testing and certification, technological developments, international marketing, private and public partnerships, cannabis use, medical cannabis as well as creating awareness on cannabis issues amongst other topics.

Target sectors (Not Limited to)

  • Agriculture
  • Beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Mining
  • Small business
  • Textile
  • Nutrition
  • Health
  • Fibres
  • Oil
  • Media
  • Government agencies
  • Universities
  • Advertising
  • Non-Governmental organisations
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Drug Rehabilitation Centres
  • Medical industry