WEBINAR: Africa Drones Conference

Vukani Communications is back again with the best drones show in the country for the fifth year round. The conference has continued to grow from strength to strength since the inaugural conference in 2016. This year, the Africa Drones Conference 2020 edition will cut across all industries that have embraced the use of this technology that boasts of endurance and intelligence.

Drones technology continues to offer companies and individuals various opportunities. This technology has enabled the optimisation of projects and maintenance costs within the various industries. Also, drones use in monitoring of infrastructural projects, construction sites inspections, utility inspections, health and safety, maintenance inspections, project progress reports has of late gained traction. With AI starting to move into the drone space, most companies have started embracing the use of these two cutting edge technologies and will no doubt produce a quantum leap in useable data that will help reduce cost, increase safety and maximise performance.

Not to be left out, is how drone technology has impacted positively in industries such as mining industry, engineering, construction, municipalities, utilities, academia amongst other industries. Drones have facilitated the collection, and subsequent, processing, of more data than in the past, and this is pushing innovation mine-wise as data management processes are enhanced to ensure that other functional areas also benefit from the technology. Above all, the drones have drastically led to elimination of much of human especially in producing accurate surveys. In some mines the drones are being used for engineering inspections for equipment’s that cannot be easily accessed which dramatically eliminates safety risk.

Despite the obstacles posed by the prevailing regulatory environment pertaining to the licensing of Drones, the conference is geared towards the provision of provision of positive deliberations regarding the regulatory policies of the UAVs. This is therefore, a must attend conference for those who would like to keep themselves abreast with the drones technology in this industry 4.0 revolution.