Africa Drone Conference

The best drones show in the country is back for the fourth year around. The previous three conferences since the inaugural November 2016 conference have been getting bigger and better. This year is no doubt going to be the year for the drones in South Africa and this is a conference that you cannot afford to miss.

The issue of regulations and drones’ certification and use is getting complicated with each year as technology continues to take the centre stage the world over. In South Africa, prospective users of this technology are getting frustrated of having to wait for years to get their licences. Thus, the evolving regulatory environment in the country has no doubt affected the adoption of commercial drones in the country.

However, on a positive note, drones are proving to be an indispensable technology as they are attesting their worth in the very different sectors. In this disruptive age, drones are proving to be the technology to adopt. Within the mining industry, the drones have facilitated the collection, and subsequent, processing, of more data than in the past, and this is pushing innovation mine-wide as data management processes are enhanced to ensure that other functional areas also benefit from the technology. Above all, the drones are boosting safety in the mines. In some mines the drones are being used for engineering inspections for equipment’s that cannot be easily accessed which dramatically eliminates safety risk.

On another hand, drones are being used to monitor infrastructural projects across the various provinces in the country. Thus, the conference will also address the advantages that municipalities in the country will have by adopting the use of drone. As such, the conference will also touch on different topics in the below sectors and presenters will speak on how the drones are changing the playing ground in the various sectors.